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Helicopter pad in Panjshir Valley Tank in the Panjshir Anstana Guest Hotel Panjshir Valley 1 of 4 Panjshir Valley 2 of 4 Panjshir Valley 3 of 4 Panjshir Valley 4 of 4

Village above the River in the Panjshir Valley Hakeem our Translator Abdula our Driver A Street in Rokha Meat Hanging in Rokha Shopping in the Market of Rokha Bozorak Hotel

Bozorak Bazaar Village Street Bozrak Bazaar Market in Rokha Rokha Village Street Man Buying in the Market of Rokha Boy in Front of Meat in Rokha

Jabul Saraj Bus Jabul Saraj Jabul Saraj Tower Entrance to Bagram Air base Our Helicopter Out of Afghanistan Our Bags in Helicopter Bagram Airstrip

Mall in Dushanbe Tajikistan Dushanbe Tajikistan Mosque in Dushanbe Entrance to Mosque in Dushanbe Passage way in Dushanbe Tajikistan Courtyard in Dushanbe Tajikistan Meat Market in Dushanbe Tajikistan

Brooms in Dushanbe Women selling Seeds in Dushanbe Tajikistan Airlines

Stan in Dushanbe Stan in Helicopter