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View of Bridge Our House In Khodja Donkeys at water Boy loading water on Donkey Two kids on Donkey Kids on Donkey Girl with Black Shroud

Man with two Kids Boy on Donkey looking back Three People on Donkeys Three Camels Five Kids Four Kids Two Boys One with Hat

Branches on Donkeys Two Donkeys Carrying Hay Three Donkeys Carrying Hay Man with Children Man on Donkey Little Girl in Drying Wheat Little Girl looking over Sholder

Little Girl sitting Alone Women in Colored Burkas A Well with Wheat behind Girl with Donkey Boy with Hat 2 Girls selling in Tent Little Girl Holding Sister

Man Walking next to Donkey Tractor Two Camels Two Girls in Housing area Clothes hanging out to dry Little Girl in Housing Area Man Selling Food

Old Man Working Man Breaking down Wall Man Loading Donkey with bricks Wood Choppers Down Wood Choppers Up Boy asleep on Wood Pile Bakers

Baked Bread Baker Smiling Courtyard in a Home Houses near the Front Lines Tent on Bridge River Crossing from Tajikistan